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This homepage will correctly handle the acquisition, use, provision and management of personal information in accordance with the following “Toyama Prefecture Personal Information Protection Regulations”.

Personal information is

The information that can identify specific individuals through addresses, names, phone numbers and email addresses received by Toyama Prefecture through this website.

About obtaining personal information

When obtaining personal information, in principle, it is provided (registered) by the person himself on the basis of the express purpose of use.

The personal information disclosed on the homepage will be obtained on the basis of disclosure.

In order to achieve the express purpose of use, personal information will be acquired within the necessary scope.

In addition, although no personal information is involved, the website will automatically collect Internet domain names, IP addresses, information about browsing the website, etc. Furthermore, Cookie (Cookie: The information stored in the user’s computer which is sent from the server to the user’s browser in order to identify the user.) can be used to accurately grasp the number of visits and improve the browser’s display function.

About the use and provision of personal information

About the use and provision of personal information

The personal information obtained will be used within the scope of the purpose stated in advance. Except as stipulated in the “Toyama Prefecture Personal Information Protection Regulations”, the enforcement agency (*) cannot use it for purposes other than the purpose of use or provide it for others.

*”Enforcement agency” refers to a county-level agency subject to the Personal Information Protection Regulations. Specifically, the following institutions are included: governor, parliament, Education Committee, Election Management Committee, Personnel Committee, Supervisory Committee, Public Safety Committee, Minister of Police Headquarters, Labor Committee, Requisition Committee, Marine Fisheries Coordination Committee, Inland Basin Fisheries Management Committee, and state-owned enterprise managers.

Personal information management

We will properly manage the personal information we obtain, take necessary measures to prevent leakage, misappropriation, tampering, etc., and strive to ensure its accuracy.

In addition to the above, we will also properly manage the information on this website that can identify specific individuals and the personal information obtained through this website.

Site Policy

About copyright

The copyright of articles and images published on this website belongs to Toyama Prefecture or the providers of articles and images. Except for “copying for private use” and “quotation” as well as other circumstances recognized by copyright law, these works are not allowed to be misappropriated or quoted without authorization.

About disclaimer

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